List Building Through Article Submissions, Why Essential in Working from Home.

List Building Through Article Submissions, Why Essential in Working from Home.

List building is an essential part of online marketing. It is possible to build a responsive list from article writing. Article writing is a proven cheap method to build a list from scratch.

The problem is that it is not always easy, especially if not done in the right way. Some marketers hire writers to do the job for them. The popular places are,, etc. just to mention a few. You may have to select a topic to write an article about and submit to article submission directories. Select the topic of interest based on your preferred niche, or on your expertise or better still on the product you are selling. For example, Affiliate marketing, Weight loss, Forex trading etc. are some examples of niches. Submit the articles to the Directory when the article is ready. Simple as that.

The advantage here is that good article directories have huge audiences and wide readership. They have a wider scope of subject areas to the appeal of their readers. Information seeking audiences who are always searching for information in e-Zine articles such as the information you provide.


Article writing is a viral marketing feature that you may want to take advantage of. You will get maximum exposure for your content, organic traffic to your website, and you will be more likely to convert sales from the products or programs you promote.

A lot of marketers spend a huge budget on traffic alone. Without quality traffic, it is difficult to convert sales.

You can mainly build your list when e-Zine readers visit your bio box or resource box at the bottom of the e-Zine article. Therefore, make sure to include a brief detail about yourself, your business website and its URL. Take advantage of article marketing, to enhance your online marketing success.


I always suggest that, in order to get your readers names and email address to your mailing lists, you have to link your resource box to your mailing list. This wonderful feature brings readers to your site and may subscribe to your newsletter.


If you write a good quality article you may get good chance to be published by e-Zine publishers E-zine publishers select quality worthwhile articles to publish to their audience.  Your article including the resource box would be published.

Your article will then receive the maximum exposure for your online success. Certainly, your ultimate goal in online marketing is to drive quality traffic to your offers and make sales.

You may easily build a list of prospects who in the future may bring you sales if you do article writing right. At the end, you will benefit greatly from viral marketing as result of article writing and enjoy a deep satisfaction and good sense of achievement.

Start by writing and submitting your articles to reputable article submitter sites such as

The sky is the limit, so begin your article marketing journey today.

In the next article, I will focus on how to write quality articles.

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