Eight Principles for Affiliate Marketing Success.

Eight Principles for Affiliate Marketing Success

I know you believe that you can genuinely work and earn online. In my previous posts, I emphasized that most online marketers begin with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing involves directing customers and creating sales to offers and products on behalf of vendors or companies. Affiliate marketing is a performance-based program in which a business rewards by paying commissions to one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. Vendors also benefit from the affiliate efforts in promoting and selling their products and services. As a result, a sale by the affiliate is a win -win for both.
Most work-from-home beginners start with affiliate marketing before they create their own products or programs. While most struggle to see success, others make a huge success in affiliate marketing.
My question then is, why is it that only a few succeed in affiliate marketing while the majority fail?
These eight principles may show some reasons behind that occurrence. These principles are essential for making a success in affiliate marketing. Knowing these key principles and observing them will make a great difference.
If you are really interested in affiliate marketing and aiming for success, then take notice of these principles and observe them. The internet is overloaded with tons of information, so it does not really matter what you know already about affiliate marketing. I have strong hope that both the beginner and the experienced will likely find these principles valuable for success.


      The first principle: “Doing nothing brings nothing”.

There is no point in investing in traffic, and buying into high ticket products and programs and afterward fail to discipline yourself to work. The fact that, it is online based does not mean it is effortlessly done. You have to really put much effort in your business. You don’t want to fold your hands while expecting success to happen. To earn genuine from working from home, you will need to work hard. Depending on the individual, affiliate marketing may involve writing about a product to post a review, creating videos, creating advertising, setting your autoresponder, writing and publishing articles, blog posts, eBooks, answering review question etc. Honestly, all these require hard work.


      The second principle: Maintain the right mindset about online marketing.

In order to succeed, you will have to forget one thing. Forget the prevailing “get rich quick mindset”. Genuine work from home is hardly a get rich quick scheme. I duly acknowledge that not everyone reading this article have that mindset. Unfortunately, some vendors and so-called gurus claim you can be successful overnight, in an attempt to sell their products. That is a sure way to tickle the ears of beginners, by telling them what they want to hear. Obviously, the desire to make it as early as possible is highly incidental to newbies. Often, it does not take so long for them to realize that somehow, they have been misled. That may be one the reason why a lot of people become easily discouraged and quit before they see significant success. The hard truth is that, affiliate marketing and by extension, online marketing at large is not a push-button magic machine as some claim.


      Third Principle: Consistency Pays.

Add consistency to the efforts you put forth. You need to have a well -written plan to follow. I highly recommend you to commit one or two hours a day to your online business. This is more especially useful working in the home setting. You will have to avoid distraction from family and friends and be keen to prevent any other things from cropping in your schedule. Finally, you may have to maintain that consistency for a set period of about 8 months to 1 year. With this routine, your chances of success are very high. “A river cuts through rocks by its persistence, not by its power”- Jim Watkins


The fourth principle: Allocate a specific time for your business.

Determine the number of time you can spend on your business a week. Say, 8 – 10 hours a week, which boils down to the 1-2 hours a day schedule. Keep this schedule and be regular at it. You soon will realize that it was worth the sacrifice. Without this, everything will be unplanned and remember that irregularity is not an ingredient for success. As it is always the case for most businesses, the more time allocated, the more successful you may be.


      The fifth principle: Identify and work in your niche of interest.

A niche in online marketing is the market area a product focuses. Some of the main niches are the Health and Diet, work from home, weight loss, exercise and fitness, forex trading etc. You have to identify first the niche that interest you most, to enable you to work with passion. You will have to concentrate on that niche to succeed first before probably diversifying. Generally, people advice to diversify as early as possible, but I would not recommend that. That is probably the reason why most fail easily, as they might not really enjoy what they do. If you identify the niche that interest you most, then select products that sell or convert. It is advisable to begin your marketing promotion on these products.

In my next article, I will talk on how to select a product that converts from the vendors’ websites. If you follow this, there is the likelihood of seeing success sooner than you previously thought.


      The Sixth Principle: Invest in a website if possible.

Some people may argue that a website is not a necessity in order to be successful. It is true that you may not need a website for some of the offers. But the reality is that, for most offers, you will have to get a website to promote them. You cannot enjoy much success in picking products and promoting them one by one. You will easily burn out and despair. A good quality website gives you an edge over your competitors as visitors can easily return to your site for more details. A good website is like a large advertising billboard with products information and review on it. A website is one sure way to brand your business and yourself. Undoubtedly, a good website will make the work easier for you to succeed. You may not know how to build a website from scratch.

Don’t be discouraged, there is always a first time to any project. You need not spend a great amount of money for a good website creation. With just a few dollars, you should be able to create your own.

A caution here is, begin with just one website to concentrate and see success before adding up. Probably this may be a contributing factor for failure in online marketing and other work from home programs. There is the likelihood that most beginners failed online marketing due to the enormous tasks brought upon themselves by trying to operate more than one website at the same time. Don’t be enticed by the possibility of adding even a sub- domain at this stage, for fear you may compromise on quality work. See a measure of success for few months first and then you can scale up. Don’t worry, there is always the opportunity to scale up at the right time. I personally struggled to see success because I could not really manage my time and efforts well by combining to work on two different websites simultaneously. This greatly discouraged me.

If you need help, just sent me an email and let’s see how I can help you with that at no charge.


      The seventh principle: Take advantage of reasonable spending if you can.

This is the hardest truth that most beginners would not want to hear. It is never true that online marketing does not involve financial investment. Some have been misled by this very fact and so were disappointed in some way as their expectations were not met. This may be another contributing factor to the majority of failures in online marketing. It is true some offers may be “free”. But is it truly free? If you select the free offer, you definitely have to promote it to earn from it. To be truly successful, you may not always be able to use free traffic sources for your promotion for every offer. You definitely have to buy advertising someday. Especially when most free traffic is of low quality and not targeted.

More times, the “free” means you will indirectly invest a considerable amount of time (a limited resource). Sometimes, you will need to buy good quality traffic from Solo networks, Facebook, Google AdWords or Bing advertising to see success. Nowadays, “free” does not really mean “totally free”. There may be some essential upsell that will scale up your success when bought. Even that, you will want to be careful with buying into upsells. You may only buy upsells, when it is particularly or absolutely necessary for your success.

Understand that, there is a reasonable spending in order to succeed. Just start on a tight budget and scale up later. Beginning on a tight budget does not mean you have to reject paid offers that will surely make you successful. You will otherwise not progress to see success, as you may not be able to compete with other affiliates promoting the same offer. They will reach a larger audience and be more successful than you. Especially in these days of ever increasing innovations. Techniques and methods that really worked previously are old fashioned now. Easier and improved techniques, new products and high-performance software being launched every now and then.


      The eighth principle: Rejoice over your achievements.

Though small they may be, it is necessary to remember to rejoice over your hard-earned achievements. This may be one of your motivating experiences for your scaling up and progress. It will encourage you to heighten your interest in the work-from-home business. Take notice of your achievements even by writing it down or recording it in some way. Count your successful tasks you were able to accomplish and it will surely make you optimistic.


In summary, see work from home as a business. The more efforts you put forth, the more successful you would be. Be positive, don’t be overwhelmed by the task, but rather, be consistent. Success in online marketing will require some sacrifices to be made. You may have to accept some reasonable financial investment, to help make things easier for you. The rewards may soon pay off, then you will enjoy the satisfaction of being a successful self-employed affiliate. Believe me, the earnings are great, as some are earning a 5figure income monthly, all from the comfort of their home. You will definitely be happy you followed these eight key principles.

Let’s meet again to share ideas on how to be successful. For now, make sure you enjoy what you do, and you will see success. Be positive, it will work. Your comments are warmly welcomed.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention.

My name is Prince, from digitalofers.com. It is my hope that you will find this article interesting and helpful. For more tips and free training, constantly visit my website at www.digitalofgers.com.
I am working harder to see your success in Affiliate marketing.

If you need help, just sent me an email and let’s see how I can help you with that at no charge.

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