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This is my honest Reviews about online products here. I will do my best to commit to in-depth Product Research, Trials, and Analysis, to provide you with informed Rating. I stand by integrity and faithfulness and wish to add that my rating will reveal the realities and qualities of the products. Furthermore, I hope to be unbiased as humanly as possible. Comments about my reviews are greatly cherished.


First of all, the new websitex is a massively improved product of the previous product ( website X released in 2010). The creators are Chris & Ken, who have made $10 million online since 2006.
They had six ClickBank #1’s, with enviable sales records, and dominated leaderboards.



Check the site here.
Only choose your preferred niche, that’s all. Ninety- nine of the job is done by the software. Your website is ready alive and fully designed. You have to select one niche of interest from the list of the top ten most profitable lists. You have the luxury to easily change the niche any time from the website Admin Panel.

• All the features are completely controlled by The WebsiteX software and readily combines with WordPress themes of your choice, or the themes you choose.

• Remember, the web themes are professionally designed, are of five different web theme designs, and are Pre- Loaded. This gives you the luxury of flexibility in your choice. The word press themes have unique codes . You know what that means- “Readily inclined, and fine tuned to rank well”. Isn’t it? you get the point. This comes as no surprise since Websitex was built by one of the developers who actually contributed to the actual WordPress project.

• A cheerful feature about the site that I like most is the integration of the with affiliate links, banners, lightboxes and hellobars of the most converting affiliate programs that are Pre-loaded and more for 10 of the hottest niches and the top-selling 100 affiliate programs today, as these are ranked by actual sales occurring right now. You have the luxury to select the niche, the affiliate program, even the exact banner to swipe. In this way, you are always well informed about the hottest programs and products making a killing conversion, so you are really up-to-date. The is chiefly managed by your Affiliate X account, that will be given you. The affiliate promotions are already pre-loaded with your unique cloaked affiliate link. So you’ll never have to setup a hoplink, or bother yourself with complicated tracking or commission theft, or even burden yourself with possible commission losses as an Affiliate. You well know that this is currently happening to countless affiliates, in affiliate marketing.

• Mobile websites? Don’t worry at all. Good News! you monetize on any device. Whether mobile or PC. The websitex has Complete mobile integration with mobile devices, due to its “responsive” designs which makes it optimized for any screen resolution and highly viewable on any mobile device including smart phones and tablets. This put you in the limelight to maximize conversions from quality traffic of mobile devises. With this you will quality traffic from both Pc and Tablet user that can readily be converted to sales. Added advantage is that you may select separate banners, lightboxes and AffiliateX ads for it to show on only mobile devices, enabling you to display a set of ads or lightbox popups to PC viewers and another set entirely to iPhone & iPad users.


• At the top of your website page, there is a pre-loaded “hello bar” that shows the Hottest affiliate program in your niche with the caption as an affiliate link. You may alter the font, color, timing, link, product, headline everything. How possible? Because it is fully customizable, and you may even have the luxury to display it to only new visitors on your site, as it is in tune with countless free traffic features as an “amazing digital offer”.

• Quality time unnecessarily spent on research and analysis creating quality review is over. Sadly, the time-wasting can be so severe for some affiliate as it eats into, the time spent with the family. You realize that most do this at the expense of quality family life. As a result, this negatively impacts on the family. Hurray!! Why? Effortlessly this can be done by the click of a button ( promote button)from the Affiliate Dashboard. The product review post has clearly, defined title, and well-selected tag (this is taken from the product’s name, banner ads, videos (the most relevant YouTube videos for the product), affiliate ad (thumbnail and headline included). This means you spend more quality time with the more important things, which is “Your family”.

. AffiliateX Ads – A wonder widget, that selects top ten products you’re your niche and converts them to mini-ads embedded with your affiliate links and descriptive product review. This makes it easy for user to have an informed preview of the product. This increases conversion rate. This feature alone makes the system a “giveaway”. • Lethal Lightbox – The Lightboxes are the little boxes that pops into view usually when the website fades away after you hit the site. Sometimes immediately the site opens, Cha! Chu!! the lightbox pops up. The light boxes have the potential to convert greatly on indecisive visitors, turning them into potential prospects and leads. Websitex has a lightbox that really converts.

• Affiliate Links: With our Affiliate ID, your links are automatically cloaked for the top ten affiliate programs and build. You have the luxury to explore another feature, the global keyword. This is a text that will normally convert to your link when the text is shown in the page. See! You have the luxury to check how many clicks each link gets in the ‘affiliate links’ page!!

• Auto-Adsense widget- Makes your ads viral as the page text , banner ads always revolve around your content. When you copy your Google Adsense ad code into your admin area once, just a click, Cha! Chu!! it shows up in a new post. • Amazon widget — Just enter your affiliate id and you’re live, ready to make commissions from over 13.9 million products. The widget comes pre-loaded with the most profitable keywords and product categories for your niche – and inserts into the sidebar post of each page. You can customize this widget, choosing product category and keyword, customize fonts, size, number of products shown, color, styles and much more. Oh one more thing: on a mobile device the widget slides out of the sidebar and is inserted into the flow of the posts, right in the eye-line of the visitor. Again an “amazing digital offer ”.

• Best Places to advertise? -Most affiliates have a tough time trying to figure out how to not just how to monetize but also where to place their ads for the best click-through and sales Website X addresses both problems. First, it lets you monetize three ways – with ClickBank, Amazon & AdSense. Secondly, all the ads are placed strategically in the spots proven to get the most attention and most clicks, meaning you make the most money. Ads appear on every page at the top and side, plus you can insert them into your post with one click. Check the official site here at www.

• Auto Banner split-testing – Your website is pre-loaded with the most profitable ads in the most strategic positions and targeting the most profitable affiliate programs in the world of online marketing each day…. Automatically split-test banners, check impressions, clicks and CTRs for each banner that is automatically selected. You can split-test banners for each category (so category1 split-tests banners1 and 2 while category 3 displays banners 3 and 5). You have the luxury to even split test them against one another for maximum conversions.

• Top 200 Banners – The website content wraps around the selected banners, for your niche you selected. Your website is already heavily loaded with the 200 most profitable ads in the most strategic positions and targeting the most profitable affiliate programs in the world of online marketing any particular day. A total “digital offer”


With Websitex, it is always a pleasure talking about traffic. The website is endowed with pre-loaded with everything necessary to siphon tsunami of free traffic.

• Amazingly, the websitex is endowed with pre-loaded, hottest keywords of hundreds of profitable keywords that are easily picked and ranked by Google. Just click one and we create a post built around this keyword, ready for you to start siphoning in free traffic almost immediately before you say “jack”. Not only websitex site is optimized for multiple profitable keywords, the site is inclined to get traffic from multiple sources, generating multiple ways for sales and conversions. With the appealing feature, the websitex endures Google algorithm variations so it is inclined to prosper in the midst of future Google Algorithm Changes. Be rest assured that, your will not experience a drop in Traffic by the algorithm changes.

• Another appealing feature helps you to know whether your post has good SEO, and will rank? I am passionately talking about the built in plugin that grades your posts out of 100 for keyword optimization and suggests LSI keywords (pulled from Google) to add to your posts. This is loaded with the hottest keywords. For instance, for the ‘make money’ niche, it will just suggest you enter a list of words like “jobs, opportunities, affiliate etc – so you don’t have to struggle much about profitable keywords. By just clicking on the words, the words are automatically inserted into your post. As a result, your website will receive “the favor of Google” that is good ranking. And since each post is graded out of 100 automatically, and it is constantly being updated anytime there is an algorithm change by Google, you don’t need to worry about your traffic dropping.

• Websitex WordPress theme has a unique code with the potential to make your website rank high for unlimited keywords. • Video Mind Control – The website is endowed with a functioning database of the most compelling sales videos in each niche and made them instantly clickable into your posts. This will greatly increase the website engagement of visitors and the ultimate ranking! This is really a cheerful addition to the feature!!

• FaceBook Firestorm – This has social integration for list building and facebook fan page “likes” checks! This chiefly done by a custom facebook widget inserted in your sidebar.

CONS. 1. The PDF along with a 30-page quick start guide is really informative but it presells back to the paid website upgrade, and it pre-sells the customer on the Pro Website upgrade throughout. I know this, some potential customers may feel somehow being pressured.

2. Another con may be that the new websitex .com have no community or a forum where members can interact.

PROS.. 1. A website pre- loaded with the hottest ClickBank affiliate programs and products to sell.

2. No purchase of hosting or Domain is required on your part. Remember, it is only $47/mo. The website is fully hosted for you, with a free domain name you choose depending on your niche. They even provide you with already ranked or profitable domain to freely choose from.

3. The website is integrated with  WordPress and there are great tutorials to help you . I hope this will train you in WordPress so you can be an expert in WordPress.

4. Already pre-loaded with unique WordPress SEO plugin, you don’t waste time searching for SEO plugins. Isn’t an “ amazing digital offer”?

5. You don’t have to be searching for profitable affiliate programs anymore, since it has already been populated for you on your site with your affiliate ID and banners for the top 10 most profitable program in the niche of your choice, in ten most profitable niches. And their research is based on real-time sales.

6. You can try it freely before you can decide to buy. Try it here to receive my bonuses as a surprise “ digital offer” Comparing the pros and the cons, the pros far outweighs and relegates the cons into the background. The $47/mo payment is a measly bug.

My overall Rating: 4/5.



You can try with the free option to see how it works. You don’t lose anything. As of today, this is my honest unbiased review .

Check here for more updates later. Email me your receipt for my special bonus on SEO and Traffic Guides. Enjoy the free traffic features at your disposal.

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