In your search for online work at homes, you may have come across many websites that talk about affiliate marketing. In the online marketing domain, affiliate marketing is a popular word in the work from home, make money and the health niches. This term shows the basic idea of promoting products and services on behalf of companies (Vendors). Affiliate marketing is a genuine way to earn a living working from home. The marketer promoting the product or service on behalf of companies is known as Affiliate Marketer. The affiliate marketer earns commissions from the offers being promoted.

The vendors have affiliate programs that are open for online markers to apply. Upon application, most applicants are accepted by the vendors into the affiliate marketing program. A huge number of online marketers are affiliate marketers or started with affiliate marketing.
Most vendors provide a lot of online resources to affiliates promoting their offers to enhance their success. These may include, Banners, links, product video, testimonial pages, splash pages, Email swipes etc.

Amazon and ClickBank, ClickSure are examples of reputable vendors offering affiliate programs. In all, it’s a win – win scenario for the vendors if the affiliate is able to sell more. These vendors have a huge catalog of products for promotion. Affiliates select products that they want to sell. The more products sold, the more commission the affiliate earns from the vendors and the more profit the vendors realize. As you can realize from this content, affiliate are valuable assets for the vendors. For the vendors, it is like having an army of sellers promoting their products for them. For the affiliate, it is a quick start for working from home since most beginners do not have their own products to promote. Product creation does not only takes time but also involves considerable research and some high initial capital.

Affiliates seek ways to promote the offers in cost effective way. For example, they have to do product research and identify the target buyers to promote to. Since most people do online searches or products to buy, a good product research help affiliates to know products that are selling. Affiliate may also do product reviews to explain or give additional information about products for prospective buyers to make informed decisions.

If an affiliate consistently provides facts and valuable information about products, then the affiliate gain a good reputation and wins the trust of customers. For example, people will want to do product research on google (mostly not Amazon) about the new features, designs, shape and color of iPhone before making a purchase at Amazon. Affiliates take advantage of this to do products review on products they promote. They may want to search for the benefit of iPhone 6 over iPhone 5. Affiliates may even compare and contrast the features and prices of iPhones to Android phones. Some reviews provide the advantages and disadvantages (the pros and cons) and may include information on discounts or the best time to get good deals. Prospects and customers by their research, move from a website to another for valuable information, in order to make an informed purchase that provides value for money. If you have good reviews, chances are that they may land on your article and buy through the product link you provide. The key to success in affiliate marketing is to do enough research and provide valuable contents by keyword research.

Keywords are the most likely words customers type in search engines to search for the product information. For example, New features of iPhone, Best prices of iPhone, iPhone at a discount, Android vs. iPhone price etc. are examples of keywords buyers are likely to search. Weight loss naturally, weight loss diet, lose weight fast are examples of keywords in the weight loss niche.

It is therefore, essential for an affiliate to have a website for all his promotions, since customers may want to bookmark the site any time before making an informed purchase. You may not need to build a site from the scratch as it may be expensive. You may just want to buy a cheap domain name for your site and redirect it to the offers you want to promote. In every case, the buyer will be purchasing the items on the vendor or at the company website. But since the buyer went to the vendors’ website through your link or better still, buys through your link, you will get the affiliate commission when a purchase is made.

What Affiliate basically do is to drive traffic to offers of some vendors and get commissions for the purchases made. More online marketers are earning a great income from this type of work from home. The more offers you promote and make sales, the more commissions you are paid, and the larger the profit for the vendor.

In the future articles, I will elaborate much on this technique.
Does affiliate marketing interests you? If yes then or now, you may want to determine what products you are interested in promoting. You may want to visit, or to see the products there and make your observations. I will include more actionable information and step in future articles.


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