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Here are some of the wonderful features of the Unselfish contactor autoresponder.

Unselfish Contactor Protects YOU From Spam Complaints. Some people forget that they ever signed up for your autoresponder and will immediately report you as Spam. With our Name, Address, Email, IP Address, Date & Time Stamp Facility you can fight back. No one can accuse you of sending them Spam when you have proof of their subscription.

10 “Free To Use” Customizable Fields: Our autoresponder service allows you to set up 10 different customizable fields! So if you want to gather information other than just your subscribers first name, you can do so. Get their last name, address, telephone number – there’s nothing stopping you from collecting all the information you need for your business.

Wonderful Free List Cleaning: Unselfish Contactor cleans house for you. Often you’ll find that many emails are being sent back to you each time you send out a mailing. This is because people have abandoned their email address. Unselfish Contactor will automatically mark all bad email addresses and remove them from your list.


You may want to get your copy here at the official page, unselfishcontactor.com


Are struggling in creating sales pages? Ths is all that you need to overcome the difficulties. With the squeeze page masters, you can effortlessly create multiple sales pages automatically and test the response on them to show you exactly which one is making the most sales.
The squeeze page master does more.
Tracks how many visitors went to each page, which page converted more sales and which answer was chosen most from your question.

Display’s the statistics for everything in a beautiful graphical interface for easy viewing and understanding.
Check here to see for yourself.

Sure there have been Squeeze Page makers and Lead Capture Page creators out for a while now but none of them did anything more than get an e-mail and send your prospect to a cold, impersonalized sales page.

Now you can make your visitors feel like your rearranging just for them when they show up like an old friend…that builds relationships.

Squeeze Page Masters Generator is…

Amazingly quick & easy to install on your server.
Extremely effective, automated, and truly fun to use!
Brutally eye opening when it comes to what is going to make your site money.

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JVManager Allows YOU to Compete with the Big Guru Marketers
Without Having to Spend a Fortune Running
And Maintaining Your Online Business.

JVManager is your…

Package and Product Manager
Universal Payment Manager
Download Manager and URL Protector
Sales Manager
Refund Manager
Joint Venture (JV) Manager
Charity Manager
Affiliate Manager
Membership Manager and Automatic .htaccess / .htpasswd Generator
Autoresponder Manager
Template Driven
And More…
Do well to visit the official page for more

It’s the perfect system that allows you to:

Automatically accept payments through various payment gateways.

Automatically handle subscription payments (for example, you can offer payments on products and product packages to make them more affordable to your customers. You can also collect payments for ongoing services, subscriptions, and membership sites.)

Set up and run both free and paid membership sites (including automatic pass code generation and protection.) Just imagine if you had several hundred (or thousand) members paying you each and every month for access to your website! Check here

Automatically keep detailed records of all of your sales (including where they came from, which is essential for testing what’s working in your marketing arsenal, and what isn’t.)

Automatically keep detailed records of all of your customers (for example, if you want to create customer lists according to product(s) purchased, or amount purchased, or from a particular advertising campaign; you can do it with the click of a mouse button.)

Automatically keep detailed records of all of your affiliates and JV partners (you’ll not only know who your best affiliates are, you’ll also be able to contact them with a click of your mouse, unlike places such as Clickbank who HIDE your affiliate information from you.)

Digitally deliver your products within seconds of payment being received.

Protect your products from theft. If you’re not currently protecting your products, I GUARANTEE they are being stolen and you are losing money.

Offer, manage and run unlimited affiliate programs EXACTLY the way YOU want to.

Automate your email Marketing tasks, including sending receipts, follow-up emails, autoresponder courses, emails to affiliates, automatically sending pass codes, download links, notification of sales made, etc

Automatically handle your Joint Venture tasks.

Keep you organized (and sane) for the rest of your online life. Click here for more