Affiliate Marketing 2021 For Beginners in (Simple Terms)


Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing 2021 Explained in Simple Terms

The majority of people looking forward to earn a passive income from affiliate marketing may not fully grasp what it entails. We explain what it means to be an affiliate marketer as we break it down in plain, easy-to-understand English. What’s precisely is Affiliate marketing?

This marketing module, in plain language depicts the selling of other peoples’ products to earn commission without having to make your products. You do this by sending traffic to the products sales pages. You don’t have to own products to start making money online  You basically advertise, promote or recommend other people’s products to earn commissions for your promotional efforts.

Affiliate marketing for beginners (explained in simple terms)

 It is a means of making commissions by promoting someone’s product or service in simple terms. Affiliate marketing 2021 for beginners explained in simple terms. In plain language, it depicts a marketing module of selling other peoples’ products to earn commission.You earn by sending traffic to affiliate links of product sales pages. You don’t have to create your own products to start making money online. You basically recommend other people’s products to others and rewarded a commission for your promotional efforts. Most of the programs are free for anyone to join. You promote someone’s product or service by using what is called an affiliate link. Someone clicks on that link, and then if he goes ahead and buy, you earn a commission from that purchase.

A brief story of Joe’s online marketing journey.

I know an online marketer who I will refer to as (Joe). Joe is successful today because of affiliate marketing. He started by actively promoting a few affiliate offers. When he earned enough, he wanted to come up with his product but was struggling to decide on the specific product to target in the Work from home niche.

Then, a few years ago, he published his affiliate success as a book in Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and made a lot of money. What happened to the affiliate marketing he started with? He says, ” Though I seen major success with my first three products now, affiliate marketing continues to be one of my top online income streams.” At the time of my writing this piece, Joe is making at least $300,000 in affiliate earnings selling other peoples products alongside his own.

Joining and getting started with affiliate programs

There are many various affiliate programs out there. We have seen that most companies that provide offers in the form of products and services almost always have affiliate programs that you can join to promote for commissions. After joining an affiliate program, you’ll get an affiliate link which is a unique link that will allow you to track your sales to make sure that you get paid for promoting the product.

With the advent of technology, the operation of affiliate links is pretty accurate. By our estimate, it’s about 98% accurate. Of course, there are unusual circumstances where tracking might fail, but for the most part, you earn a commission for promoting products.

Also, check how to track and protect your affiliate links from fraud here.

Why making money online is easy with the affiliate marketing system.  

This marketing system appealing and beneficial given that you don’t have to create a product or a service. You are a promoter who shares a product or service with people who might benefit from the offers. Your audience may be family and friends, email contact lists or subscribers, or even social media followers. When they click your link, it will send them to the vendors’ website for possible purchase. When the offer is purchased, you earn a commission for promoting and sending traffic to the product’s link.

The affiliate system is a legitimate way to make money online

Affiliate marketing has position itself as a win-win for everybody involved, satisfying the customer, the affiliate, and the vendor or retailer. To the customer, you link him up to a product that may serve his needs. To the Product owner or vendor, you are promoting the offers on his behalf.  Today, Affiliate marketing is an excellent strategy many companies are employing to maximize profits. They stand a chance to leverage the outreach potential of affiliate marketing for the sheer advantage it provides in maximizing returns over current marketing systems.

If you are a business owner, you could amass an army of affiliates globally, promoting your offers to evergreen audiences and untapped markets. As an affiliate, you partner with an established venture with marketing systems, products, and promotional materials in place. The sky is your limit, as you could join several affiliate programs to earn from unlimited streams of income.

Your focus would be just getting traffic from visitors and subscribers. Granted, one legitimate way to start working online is through affiliate marketing. You don’t have to provide customer support, upfront cost, and overhead expenses.

Affiliate commissions vary and depending on the platform, it may range between 4%-15% as in Amazon associates to as high as 75% as in some Clickbank offers. JVZOO offers come with up to 65% payouts to affiliates.

The hard part is researching the right offers to promote and the subsequent driving of quality traffic. How can you effectively do product research to inform you on how to invest in traffic strategies for maximum conversions? We will talk about these in the following article.

Key Point

First, start by building a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Instagram, or Snapchat. You may focus on one to have a subscriber base of loyal followers. You then could promote other people’s products and earn a lot of money by doing that.

Consider Amazon associate program

You could actually make a living with Amazon Associate Program, though its a bit tricky for beginners. What is Amazon associate ? Amazon, as the number one online retailer and has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. If you are interested, visit and sign up to join for free. Next, please choose your products in your preferred niches and promote the selected products on Amazon by sharing the affiliate links on your blog post, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Note that you are not permitted to use amazon links in email promotions.

 Also, check here for effective blog post promotion strategies and search engine optimization.

Assuming you select a product in the home gadgets category, a rice cooker, for example, if someone buys the Rice Cooker, they may also buy a couple of other items. You get four to fifteen percent commission on the rice cooker and all other purchased goods in 24 hours which is pretty cool, right?

Cookies and tracking affiliate links

Tracking is through the affiliate link or coupon code, and this serves as verification that someone purchased through your unique link. The links have cookies (pieces of tracking data) placed in the browser when one clicks on an affiliate link or coupon. If the visitor purchased the item after the cookie expiration date, you don’t get a commission. If the visitor changes the browser to a different one before purchasing, you may not get the commission. As an example, the changing from Chrome to Firefox. The reason is that the cookie in your affiliate link isn’t in the new browser. More so when he clears his cookies or his computer cache before making a purchase. For example, if a visitor changes his device from a laptop to an Ipad in the buying process, you aren’t credited for sale.

The longer the lifetime of the cookies, the better for affiliates. Good affiliate programs have 30, 60, or more days for cookies to remain active and expires after the specified days. Semrush affiliate program known as Berush has a cookie lifetime of 10 years, making it an enticing affiliate program to try. Unfortunately, for Amazon and eBay affiliates, the cookie only lasts 24 hours, while Aliexpress, Clickbank, and Shopify last for 30 days. The last time I checked, digital24 has a cookies lifetime of 90 days.

Imagine that somebody clicks your affiliate link and then decides to research before the purchase. Assuming he finds somebody’s video or a blog post with an affiliate link. If he clicks on their link after clicking on yours, then they’re going to get the commission because the cookies are programmed to favor the most recent link. How can you overcome this? There are some more advanced strategies of what you can do to get around that? We want to write about this in our next article.

For now, you can signup for Clickmagic to protect your affiliate links from fraud and affiliate commission theft. Check Clickmagic free trial below, so you never lose a commission.

Suppose you’ve registered your online marketing business. In that case, one of the best benefits of affiliate marketing is that you could write off the expenses for items bought for product reviews. Assign it as a business cost. In this way, you can pay less money in annual taxes is an expense for that business. You get affiliate commissions through product reviews and again reduces your annual taxes.


We attempted explaining affiliate marketing 2021nto you in simple terms. In plain language, it depicts a marketing module of selling other peoples’ products to earn commission. Affiliate marketing 2021 for beginners explained in simple terms. In plain language, it depicts a marketing module of selling other peoples’ products to earn commission. You earn by sending traffic to affiliate links of product sales pages. You don’t have to create your own products to start making money online. You basically recommend other people’s products to others and receive a commission for your promotional efforts. Just like Joe, as you become successful, you could create your products and services to maximize your earnings. But for now, explore and put into practice as you try your hands on affiliate promotions. Invest in building a website or a blog to help with the affiliate marketing promotion.

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