15 Content Ideas For Blogging [Hot Trending Topics] in 2021

Creative ideas for bloggers and creators

15 content ideas blogging trending topics in 2021


We share with you 15 places for content ideas in 2021 blogging, which could benefit any niche.
Content creation is not easy, and it becomes more challenging if you run out of content ideas and stuck up. It has shown to be one of the reasons for low performing blogs. Planning for relevant topic ideas for your blog posts is always beneficial to your consistency and creativity. It will reward you will organic ll help you to blog consistently and get free organic traffic.

Having handy blogging ideas by being resourceful is crucial to your blogging success as a content creator.

Trending Topics are gold if you know how to turn them around for free organic traffic. Blogging trending topics in your niche is a good strategy.

We provide you with 15 places to monitor for trending content in your niche for topic ideas and writing focus.

The list of the 15 places for trending hot topics is by no means exhausted. They are only some of the many places one can get hot trending topics to resourceful blogger write about, no matter your focus niches. Of course, there are also several ways to get timely pieces of content for your readers. There are hundreds of blog post ideas you can implement.

Creating timely content that resonates with trending topics or popular online is crucial for engaging in real-time conversations, knowing what people are talking about, and brand exposure. It’s a fantastic social listening technique for your content creation as you become aware of discussions about the products and services in your niche or industry.

You may have heard this repeatedly, but the truth is that it works if you strategize your content to be in line with the popular searches. I guess that you might naturally lean toward Twitter since it’s the go-to place for breaking News and more. Twitter has been one of the best social platforms for discovering popular and trending content. Try and make use of the #hashtags to make your search even more straightforward.

For online marketers, since content creation is vital to any niche’s success, providing timely, engaging, well-tailored content for your audience key. You could then tailor your newsletters or blogging topics to real value to your followers.

How can you know what’s trending? Search through the popular media outlets such as Twitter we mentioned above.

Apart from Twitter, we provide you with 15 places to find the latest hot trending topics on products and services for your varied needs (marketing, blogging, campaigns, outreach, or promotions) for your content ideas and strategy for 2021.

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 15 Ways to find Trending Topics

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  1. Yahoo Trending

You get a sneak peek into the most popular issues online by referring to yahoo trends for an update. The list is frequently updated to the minute, so you have a great value in there. You may want to plan your blog articles accordingly to maximize traffic and exposure to your products.

yahoo trends


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2. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed gives you lots of social News, entertainment, and more. You could know or have a glimpse about trending topics online with BuzzFeed. You will see what’s crashing the headlines in popular culture because the trending section featured the most popular posts across all categories from News to lifestyles. Dig deeper and check the featured posts.

hot topics


3. Google Trends

Google Trends It’s incredibly, one of the powerhouses of “What’s New” with a wide range of categories. You get results in recently trending searches in various niches. Since the featured products are based on search volumes, you can create viral content to benefit from free organic traffic.


4. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent platform for discovering and finding hot topics and many influencers for all marketing forms. Choose a topic and enter a keyword or domain for a quick search. Sit back and enjoy the results from various metrics on the major platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. You can quickly get the latest topics by merely going through the headlines in your search results. The content discovery feature is excellent and shows you what’s new in an upward or downward trend.

Subscription ranges from $99 per month to an enterprise version at $499+ per month but you a no string attached 30 days Trial. Take the trial opportunity to test it.


 5. Quora

Quora is another excellent platform for timely issues as it gives tailored content feeds to members depending on their areas of interest. They have one of the largest databases of Questions and Answers, so go ahead to the Top Stories feed on your home page, and there you have it; what you see are some of the most popular content. You have the luxury to target keywords to “upvotes,” comments, and shares.


6. Reddit

Reddit  Reddit is also popular with “What’s New.” The platform has an updated continuously hot trend in popular culture that can help your content marketing strategy.


7. Sprout Social.

Sprout Social is a social media management platform for monitoring content engagement, publishing, analytics, collaboration, CRM, and more. Sprout is a paid subscription service provider, and you get a high-quality insight into your marketing campaigns, scheduling, trends, demographics, and brand’s performance and analytics across the social sharing websites.


8. Radian6

Radian6, which is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, is a fantastic platform for tracking current affairs and “What’s New” in various categories. You can follow on hot trends and do brand monitoring, and provide you with quality marketing insights into product sentiments, popular topics, and more.

9. Pinterest

Pinterest is such an excellent website for major niche marketing and social share. While you get the hottest topics from the platform, Pinterest regularly provides you with monthly trending reports for advertisers.



10. YouTube Trends.

 YouTube is ranked the second largest search engine in the US, only behind Google, making it a fantastic resource for find trending content. The website offers trending feeds in various categories subcategories from music to movies.

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11. Medium 

Content Blogging


12. Hubspot.

Under resources, click on the blog, and you get a host of recent blog articles themed around current hot topics.


Hubspot digitalofers
Hubspot digital offers

 13. Feedspot 

This allows you to follow over 100 blogs and get tons of feeds from selected blogs in your niche combined as a single feed that displays on your website. Then, let this inform you of your content strategy. Get better, even more, benefit if you subscribe.

14. Adweek

Adweek is prominent for News in the domain of marketing, media, and advertising. Adweek is a website for content creators and bloggers, media buyers, content creators, and online marketers in general. You get on top of current trends in the digital media landscape if you follow them.

Adweek Topics


15. Marketing Land 

Marketing is one of the world-class digital publication websites with a broader focus on the digital marketing industry, such as Social, retail, video, email, and more. They feature well-updated content in any category of online marketing. 

MarketingLand digitalofers
Digital offers



Those are the 15 places to finding the hottest online topics, social listening, and more.

The fact that a topic is trending doesn’t mean you should target it for your content creation. However, if you discover a relevant trend or conversion in your niche, it’s easier to get organic traffic from it when you blog about the topic. The rewards could be satisfying as you enjoy success in this content idea strategy to maximize your efforts in 2021. 

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