Make Money Face Less YouTube Channel in 2022 [No Face]

YouTube Strategy Step by Step Guide for Creating Channels without revealing Your Face.


To begin with, I share my honest feelings with you, as I hope this story will resonate with some of you. I am hardworking and create all types of videos. Besides, I love to be my boss and work from home. With this goal in mind, being a Youtuber profoundly appeals to my heart, especially when I reflect on the joy of being my own boss and making money online as a successful YouTuber. I honestly want to be a face-less YouTuber; however, the obstacle to overcome is to be a creator without revealing my face. So the challenge I have right now is that I don’t want to show my face. 

Let’s face it; I don’t mind failure or disappointment. I am confident that I would excel and perform well as a video creator and YouTuber. I hear various remarks such as “If your works are quality, you should be able to show your face as a creator of such work.” “You should be proud of yourself and your work.” “If you are not proud of your work, who would”?

While I agree with those views, I must say that I am neither shy nor lack confidence on camera. Entirely on the contrary, I am always proud of what I do. Just as two of my daring friends are by no means shy but are also wary of showing their faces on YouTube. Why I don’t want to be behind the camera has to do with my nature. 

Me on Camera? What are my fears?

Below are my fears that are preventing me from beginning my YouTuber journey. First, I am always troubled by the burden popularity and fame bring. I want to be as successful as Mr.beast, but I don’t envy his popularity. The misgivings of being famous are the very reason that’s keeping the owners of Cocomelon Channel, in the background, behind the scenes. Even when I am successful, I want to hide my shine to avoid undue public attention. That’s about me, and I hope you may relate to it somehow.

Happily, a critical observation on the YouTube platform has revealed countless ways people make successful channels that don’t show their faces. So, there are ways to overcome that challenge and build a successful faceless Youtube Channel.  

Before we begin, check the YouTube Community for more information and current trends if you are seriously interested in creating videos without showing your face. Have a great start by reading and applying the suggestions provided by the creators’ tips section. Also, check how to create a Youtube Channel by


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We put them into three categories based on their perceived difficulty level in creating the Channel. They are 1. Tough. 2. Easy, and 3. Easiest.

Indeed, video marketing has gained a foothold in the digital marketing landscape. In line with various market insights platforms such as HubSpot, we foresee that video marketing will skyrocket in 2021 due to its impact on conversions and sales. In addition, major platforms like YouTube are excellent for brand exposure and video advertising. So what video niche would you choose for your No Face channel? Would you go for News, Digital Marketing, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Fitness, or Technology?

My team did brief background research on Sociablade and found the Tech niche doing well and lucrative in ad revenue. Today we have discovered three tech channel examples ranging from tough (challenging) to the easiest to do. Still, the exciting thing is that, surprisingly, the “easiest” Channel achieves the most in terms of views and estimated earnings. Sometimes, they get up to 3 million views daily, which adds up to almost 100 million views in the last 30 days. These three examples in this article are all “no-face” or faceless channels. 

Get to know the Tough, Easy, and Easiest niches in the technology domain you can create. Interestingly, we perceive the tough one rakes in a high amount of money, the easy one makes the least amount of money, and the easiest one makes the highest amount of money right now. Therefore, it is best to have an overview and decide on the one most appealing to you. However, it doesn’t end there, as we will briefly show you the content strategy they employ in a step-by-step actionable manner. Besides, we provide you with essential tips along the way. 

The First Kind of No-Face Youtube Channel.

Channel overview and estimated earnings

So the tough channel example we focused on is called Gadgets Hub USA. They started the creation in February 2022 but have quickly amassed viewership and momentum. 

As of writing this article, they have only eight videos in 5 months, and still ranking high on youtube. What does this reveal about YouTube’s success? Answer? Not the number of videos, but the quality and how much you share or broadcast your videos. Youtube promotes videos that receive early viewership from the time video was uploaded. Think of a new viral video gathering traffic from various social media and video sharing sites. 

The next one is  10 Best Ones. They receive about 2 million views in the last 30 days, making $2,000 to $24,000 in monthly earnings. Even though they are not keen on AdSense, they are still getting 50,000 to almost 100,000 daily views. In AdSense, that’s about 100 up to 500 dollars per day, and given the tech niche’s very high CPM, most likely, they are earning close to the highest amount possible, which is around $500. The high CPM underscores that tech advertisers love spending money on ads. 

Their Content Strategy and Audience Focus

Most of their content are listicles like “the top 5 student laptops brands”. The main target products are in different micro-niches such as gaming, budget phones, student laptops, etc. They use various product video ads and images and sometimes zoom in and out pictures. If you love checking out the newest product launches, digital offers updates, upcoming gadgets, weekly promotions, and reviews, you may like this type of Channel. We hope you like this strategy to create videos without being in front of the camera.

You don’t need to have the products themselves, and you don’t need to film yourself. All these videos are taken from YouTube videos, after which they’re cut into pieces and then merged to transform them slightly. So you can make fair use of other people’s videos as long as it falls under fair use. So, for example, they could get short drone footage or something similar without worrying about copyright infringement. That’s because those videos fall under fair use now. So how are they monetizing the Channel?

The exciting part is that their Channel incorporates affiliate links of the amazon associate program in the video descriptions. Probably, that’s how they make the majority of their money. Why is Affiliate Marketing the best way to monetize such a channel? That’s because somebody searching for the best drones in 2022 will most likely check out the amazon links and purchase through them.

How to Make This Kind of Channel

So could you make money with this “tough” method where the ten best Channel is the main Channel of focus? Yes, of course, you could if you are committed and creative. With this approach, one must find the top 5 or 10 products on Amazon or a similar marketplace. Next is to write a good script, and you use the product information to rewrite in your own words and present it in a video form. 

Then, find some b-roll footage on youtube, cut and merge them to avoid copyright issues as it would fall under fair use. Next is to use a voiceover on your video. If this type of no-face Channel appeals to you, go for it since it’s an excellent way to make money as a beginner creator. Become a no-face Youtuber, monetize it through the Amazon associate program using the Channel above as a model. Granted, you could have a lot of amazon affiliate sales through this incredible strategy. 

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Second Kind of No-Face Youtube Channel.

Channel description and estimated earnings

Do you wanna know the “easy” strategy for a No-Face Youtube Channel? An excellent example is the Channel name FutureTech. According to Socialblade, with only about 43 video uploads, they attract about 20,000-22000 daily views and 650 000 unique monthly views.

Their monthly earnings are in the $ 900- 8 000 dollars range. But, hey! How happier would you be with an extra $900 every month?

Their Content Strategy and Audience Focus

Content creation is no easy task, though their content strategy is straightforward as they also focus on product ads. The content usually revolves around gadgets and new inventions. For example, they make videos on topics like the seven latest new tech gadgets and innovations, eight cool tech gadgets, four unique new gadgets, ten advanced gadgets, etc.

What’s good about this Channel is that they use ads for the actual products. You can see product ads or promotional ads on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Since their videos are advertisements themselves, they will not suffer copyright infringement. They put the links to all the products they talked about in the video description. The Channel is monetized through amazon associates as well as AdSense. Do you want to make money through this strategy? The Channel uses this strategy to make money on youtube without making the videos themselves.

How to make this type of channel

This system is straightforward: write a script and make a voiceover video, and include your affiliate links in the video description. To inform your content choice, you can go to and assess all these new and incredible inventions. They find the ads on Kickstarter and edit them with b-roll videos. Finally, they make a voiceover and put it into editing software to finish it. You can use this approach for a YouTube Channel without showing your face (No-Face Channel) in the tech niche and promote it to make money from AdSense and affiliate offers.

No Face, No Voice? No problem at all, thanks to AI advancements, there are now quality voiceovers to replace your voice for your videos. Check the best voiceovers for 2022 by


The Third Kind of No-Face Youtube Channel.

Channel overview and estimated earnings

The “easiest” and most viewed YoutTube Channel is the one that shows neither face nor voice. The name for our model Channel is GlobalTech HD. Also, get inspired by QuantumTech HD in this category. It has uploaded over 320 videos and garnered over 7 million subscribers. That has translated into over 2 billion video views. They got about 100 million views in one month alone. Their monthly earnings are believed to be in the range of $26,000-250,000. We believe that this is at least six or seven hundred thousand dollars just by AdSense alone. It’s pretty interesting for a Channel that doesn’t even employ a voiceover and gets two to three million daily views. Their estimated daily earnings are in tune of $4,000 or more.

Their Content Strategy and Audience Focus

Content type and audience focus

As I said before, this is the most straightforward content creation as there is no need for scriptwriting or making a voiceover. The Channel produces videos without the pain of writing articles, nor do they talk in the videos. It is the best strategy for a No-Face Youtube channel where you want to hide your face and voice. They provide background music with eye-catchy transitions and some text with their watermark. The only difficulty is researching exciting technologies and inventions, which may be hard work, especially doing it alone as a beginner YouTuber.

These creators incorporate the original ads in their videos as they may appear on Kickstarter. Many people spend ample time enjoying these kinds of stuff on various video-sharing platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, etc. Some watch videos all day, from awesome cool tech gadgets to old innovations. The best way to go is to find these tech videos, and here is a hint. Just type in the technologies you want to focus on google and check for the actual companies behind the products. Then, painstakingly, go through their website looking for product videos, new gadgets, or just-in digital offers. 

Copyright Issues

What are copyright infringements?

copyright issue
what is copyright infringement

Happily, they always attribute and dully credit the video sources in their description. That’s commendable since it’s a way of advertising and marketing the companies. Therefore pay attention to the product descriptions from the video sources, and use this information for your videos. As long as you are doing what we’ve suggested, you will be free from any Copyright strike. Kindly read the Youtube guidelines on Copyright, Fair use, and Creative Common Licenses to clear all doubts.

You will be editing videos a lot, a task which you need to master well. To help you in this, We suggest using the tools below to augment your editing skills. You may want to use any free video editing software for your work. 

No face no voice YouTuber

Try the most recent Nikkon image and video editor. You may also like OpenShot and  DaVinci Resolve.

By our assessment, for someone who is not tech-savvy and green to basic to advanced video editing, the best free video editor above is the Openshot due to its editing qualities and unparalleled user experience. All of them seem to be free or have a great free version. 

Creating the video isn’t all; next, you need to share them for viewership to get into the Youtube algorithm. Finally, you need to develop a concrete plan to promote your videos; otherwise, your videos wouldn’t be pushed up for views on YouTube. We will get into this critical topic in our Next Article. Kindly subscribe to our newsletter for more.

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The above are three strategies for creating a YouTube Channel without showing the face we have Identified. There are more strategies we identify daily. Which method would you choose for your Channel? What you choose all depends on your preferences and circumstances. The most important thing is to put these into practice and see success.

Indeed, every endeavor requires hard work and commitment, and a great deal of motivation. However, we are not sure if you could live up to that in your case. We are confident that these actionable approaches work in the long term. If you remain committed and motivated, the sky will be your limit as you find success as a YouTuber.

YouTube channel creation is a lot of hard work, and with these strategies, you can succeed if you are committed. There are free tools to also help you as a creator. You may check them.



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