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How to make Blog Post Promotion Strategies and SEO work to make more money?

After painstakingly written your blog posts, what’s next? It’s now time to let people know about your blog posts  for maximum exposure through actionable promotional strategies to earn more from blogging.

Let’s talk about actionable ways to promote your blog post effectively. We focus on the key areas that need more than the usual attention regarding free and paid content promotion. Actionable Promotion Strategies and SEO Guide for Blogging.

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Engage in social sharing and advertising as a promotional and strategies to earn more from blogging.

Social media marketing continues to be the single most crucial organic traffic source. One could take advantage of this resource to maximize and leverage competitors and build an online presence at the lowest cost. Incorporate social sharing for quality organic traffic, which would be great for your blogging success. To make money from your blog through social media promotion in 2021, you have to be active now, more than ever. How can you remain active on the leading social media platforms as a blogger? You have to design and implement a plan such as scheduling content for social posting on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and more. Being organized and proactive leads to more productivity, and if you like me, I would want to focus on one of the social media at a time to build my presence first and then expand to others gradually.

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Search Engine Optimization

To be ranked well for specific keywords on your blog and appear on the first page on SERPs (search engine result pages), you must optimize your blog posts at the very beginning. Meaning, even before you write an article, you should have some specific keywords in mind for on-page SEO. For beginners, we recommend that you target low completion, long-tail keywords in your keywords research. These keywords should be in the strategic areas of your blog post. They should appear at the title, in the first paragraph, and a place in the body of your write-up. Of course, SEO is a vast topic and goes deeper than just on-page optimization. As a caution, avoid keyword stuffing since Google can punish that page and possibly de-index it from SERPs. Stuffing keywords occurs the keywords appear more than necessary in a post. The keyword density mustn’t exceed 2% in the blog post to be safe, even though there aren’t strict rules about the exact density required. Just divide the frequency with which your target keyword appears in your article by the total number of word count. It will provide you with a rough idea of the keyword percentage on your blog page if you do. For readers, this affects the natural flow and the user experience of your page. Meaning the page could be removed online because of the keyword using the target keyword too many times in the post for content. Below are the main strategic SEO focus areas to explore for your blog to make money in 2021 and beyond:

  • On-Page SEO

Keywords’ research: You want to still focus on low-competitive long-tail keywords for your blog to leverage your competitors in some areas. Planning on keywords is especially helpful for a beginner blog to rank well. One premium platform is Longtail Pro.

Use LongTail Pro to optimize your blog for targeting low- competitive keywords if you are a beginner.

  • Technical SEO: You want to start learning coding now to be proficient at technical SEO. My best advice is to hire an SEO expert to help you with this for the long-term after your blog starts making money in 2021. better still, you can invest in Semrush for all your optimization needs, which would help you succeed in the long term.
  • Off-Page SEO

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 Google uses the number of website backlinks for rankings in SERPs since backlinks are major contributing factors to SEO. Guest blogging is one way to get backlinks cheaply. You get to leave a link to your website at the Author Bios section of your guest post. Moving forward in 2021, you may want to reach out to established blogs which are looking for quest blogger to post original articles of value. For the long-term success of your blog, kindly refrain from or avoid blackhat tactics in backlinking. Though you could derive immediate benefits, given the continually updating google algorithms, blackhat tactics may not be worthwhile in the long run.

Social Media: Social promotion is essential for your blog to make money with free organic traffic through social sharing.

ClickMagic software
  • Track and monitor Analytics

How do you get to know your campaigns’ success rate free of charge, without any paid subscription? The fact is that Google Analytics helps a ton in monitoring your success rates not only on your blog, also on link-building, social media marketing Use Google Analytics to track website analytics for your blog.

Analytics help you to know the page views, bounce rate, and session times of your website.


These are the main areas one should focus for effective blog post promotion. While the above is certainly not exhaustive, there are more actionable promotional strategies and search engine optimization tips to earn more from blogging such as incorporating video marketing and quest blogging.

We will talk about these in our next post.

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