How to Make Money Online Blogging 2021 [Beginner guide]


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Many people are searching for ways to make money online as we are looking forward to the fast-approaching with anticipation. Still battling the COVID-19, we have all witnessed the advantages of working from home as some workers furloughed while others lost their jobs. With this painful lesson learned the hard way, people are contemplating how to make money through blogging by working from home in 2021. If you have started, well done, be committed to your plan to monitor your progress. If you have already made your mind to earn from your blog in 2021, then you have to stick to your craft and perfect it.

How to Make Money Blogging in 2021 [Beginner Guide]

It is never too late to pursue either full-time or part-time blogging to earn money in 2021. Make wise use of this time for the groundwork such as developing an effective content strategy in blogging in 2021. Do you already have a blog, then review your work and take stock of things while you plan for 2021.

There is a need to work on a plan for your blogging success in 2021. Take advantage today to lay the groundwork for online success through blogging. Kindly recall the adage “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

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Keypoint 1: Avoid the trap of chasing after every shiny offer and stay focused. As has always been the case, we will continue to have new programs and offers, but being your own-boss offers the most stable, secure, long-term income stream and benefits incomparable to any offers no matter how promising they claims.

Keypoint 2: Avoid comparing yourself to others since you could be overwhelmed and discouraged by the achievements of successful bloggers.  Instead, stay positive and let the success of others inspire you to greater heights. Remember, you can be your own- boss by building and managing a successful blog that would earn a stable income in 2021.

Follow the actionable steps below for your blog to perform and earn you a ton of money. Apply the key points and tips to enable you to launch your blog, optimize, monetize, and be on a successful path to be able to make money blogging in 2021.

How to Choose The Right Niche

Based on your interest and aspirations, use this time to do research to choose the right niche for your blog. The earlier you choose the right niche, the better it is for both your initial plans and long-term success.

Enhance your capacity by broadening your knowledge in your niche. Gaining a level of expertise would boost develop your interest and establish your blog as an authority in the eyes of your visitors and, importantly, in the eyes of Google. Since Google ranks Authority blogs higher than the others, your blog could rank high in search engines.

Keypoint 3: Take time read around to gain deeper understanding in the your preferred niche, thus, proper time management is crucial to your blog success in 2021.

Some niches are more competitive than others and would require extra work on your part to be able to rank well in such niches. We advice that you follow your interest in choosing the right niche, as your passion can drive you to successful in the long-term, irrespective of the competition.

Below are some of the main niches  to consider blogging about in 2021.

      • Insurance
      • Ecommerce and online marketing
      • Fashion and design
      • Health & Fitness
      • Sports
      • Education
      • Technology
      • Work from home
      • Etc.

How to Buy a Domain and Hosting

With the niche in mind, choose the right domain name for your blog according to the contents you want to blog about. Its easy to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs) if the domain name matches the contents. Thus, you need to get the right domain name such as (.com or .org, etc) from the beginning. Consider a unique professional domain name which is easily brandable and has a good search volume with the potential to attract visitors. For the sake of search engine optimization (SEO), if possible, the domain name should be the same as the blog’s name. If not, use a domain name that clearly describes the blog’s content; and that which users or visitors can easily recognize.

The website hosting is the platform or the webserver for storing your website files and data. More than just a storage for your website data, good hosting improves a website’s visibility, loading speed, and the ultimate ranking. A slow website with a slow loading speed such as 2.8 seconds and beyond misses out on a significant amount of valuable organic traffic as users turn away from a slow website. You will get access to highly responsive customer service to quickly fix technical issues. Some  hosting companies provide top-notch security for your website for either free of charge or a small fee. Thus, you need to purchase the best hosting service to boost your website’s performance. There are no two ways about choosing the best hosting since your blog’s performance, to a lesser extent, depends on the hosting.

Keypoint 4: Carefully choose a good domain name and hosting to boost your website performance. Ensure you buy the best hosting for your blog since it will come with a lot of free resources.

To buy a good one, go for hosting with great positive reviews, top-notch customer support and resources.

How to Brand Your Blog

Take blogging as a business venture, and devote your time and money to designing and promoting your brand. Branding uniquely contributes to establishing your online presence and authority when done well. Choose specific designs customization and colors that match your blog’s themes and widgets displays, remember that blending the best combination of colors and the layout of the blog, increases the the visual appeal and user experience. If the design and the selected colors blend well with the overall display of contents and graphics, it would be more engaging and captivating for visitors. But, hey, you must not have to be a graphic designer if you are not one. kindly research free online resources for creating a unique branding that enhances your customization for an improved user experience and better performance in 2021. If you plan from now, you should see results in 2021 when your brand’s online presence and authority would have been established.

Check on platforms like,, and to access a lot of free customization for the enhancement of your blog in 2021.

Creating Your Blog Website

The smartest way to create a website is to use one of the content management systems (CRMs) available without coding from scratch. They are very convenient and straightforward with drag, paste and post template features. Examples include WordPress, Drupal, and Bootstrap. I have seen many bloggers who use platforms like WordPress to create websites even though they are good at coding. WordPress, for example, comes with a host of regularly updating themes and plugins to help you do virtually any task from SEO to blog design features. WordPress is the most popular among bloggers.

How to create a winning content strategy

After the blog design is complete, provide value to your readers by writing and publishing original contents. When it comes to content creation, the three most important things to remember are the originality of the content, the value it provides, and the publishing frequency. A good article would hold the interest of your audience and increase the “time on page” session of your visitors. Readers would actively engage with blog articles by commenting in the comments section. Such engagement is vital as it also contributes to higher  rankings in search engines. If you come up with high-quality original content, other bloggers and webmasters may link back to your content to provide you with quality backlinks to improve your SEO performance.

To be a successful content creator, you need to design a content strategy by using a content calendar. Informative original articles that have publishing schedules, would generate anticipation in its readers. More especially if you create a newsletter outreach for your readers to sign up. Take as an example. Remember, in online marketing, content is king, no matter whatever info-product you promote. So invest in original high-quality, engaging content for your blog to make money in 2021. Next, optimization and promotion of your content are essential to getting traffic; so take advantage of free social sharing on social media channels like,,, etc.

Avoid duplicate content on your blog since you get penalized by Google for republishing contents. With this in mind, painstakingly, write unique content for your blog. As you serve your readers better, most likely, some of you loyal readers would become your subscribers.

Key point 5: content is king, and for your long- term blogging success, high quality original content is non-negotiable. Valuable pieces of contents are essential to establish your brand presence, blog authority, and to acquire a subscriber base.

How to Monetize Your Blog in 2021

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making money from your blogs. With affiliate marketing, you can blog about product offers and it’s a proven way to earn money from blogging in 2021. You earn commissions on selected products and services you promote on your blog. There are well-established platforms that provide you with the desired digital offer products based on your niche and contents. For digital offers, check and and for physical delivery products, check and

An effective strategy is to try the product yourself, do research, and write about it in a review format to provide valuable information for your readers to make an informed decision when buying.

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How to Make Money With Google Adsense Display Ads

After getting a constant stream of traffic on your website, apply for Google Adsense ads to display on your website. Even today, Adsense remains one of the main ways bloggers make money and you can too in 2021. You get paid according to the number of impressions your links receive in a month.

You could serve other ads from various reputable platforms like Mediavive,, Infolinks, Chitika, Ezoic, etc. For Mediavine, your blog needs to get a traffic volume of about 50,000 sessions per month. You could apply for Ezoic ads if your website gets up to 10,000 sessions per month in search traffic.

Other ways you can make money from your blog are by featuring CPAs, Facebook and Youtube ads, Email marketing, sponsored posts, and selling your content on Amazon, event blogging, etc.

Engage in Social Sharing and Provide Value to Your Followers

Social media marketing has and continues to be the single most important source of organic traffic that you can maximize to leverage your competitors and build your online presence. For your blog to make money from social sharing, you have to be active on social media now, more than ever. How can you remain active as a blogger? Design and implement a plan such as scheduling a content for social sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. To be effective at this, focus on one social media platform (say, Facebook) at a time, create value, build a following, brand presence and then expand to other platforms systematically.

Keypoint 6: Improve your social sharing, while providing value to leverage your competitors. As long as you remain organized, you will be productive and successful.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

To be ranked well for specific keywords on your blog and appear on the first page on SERPs (search engine result pages), you must aim at optimizing your blog posts at the very beginning. This means that even before you write an article, you should have some specific keywords in mind for on-page SEO, and these should be targeted low completion, long-tail keywords in your keywords research. The keywords should be at strategic areas of your blog post; they should appear at the Title, in the first paragraph, and in the body of your articles. Of course, there is more to SEO than just on-page optimization. Below are the main strategic SEO focus areas to explore for your blog to make money in 2021 and beyond:

  • On-Page SEO

Keyword research: focus on low competitive long-tail keywords for your blog to leverage with established blogs in some areas. This is especially helpful for a beginner blog to rank well.

  • Off-Page SEO

Backlinking: Google uses the number of website’s backlinks for rankings in SERPs since backlinks are contributing factors to SEO. One way to get backlinks is through guest blogging, where you leave a link to your website at the Author Bios section of your guest post. Moving forward in 2021, reach out to established blogs which are looking for quest blogger to post original articles of value.

Social Media: Social promotion is essential for your blog SEO as you derive a great deal of engagements from your followers. Share your blog posts to money with free organic traffic through social media in 2021.

  •  Technical SEO-  Start learning coding now to be proficient at technical SEO  if possible, that’s if you are not already a coder. My best advice is to hire an SEO expert to help you for the long-term after your blog starts making money in 2021.

Track and Monitor Analytics

How can you know the following free of charge, without a paid subscription? The number of page views, traffic volume of your blog, visitors browsing  sessions, bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave your blog after only a page view), etc.  One of the best tools which is beginner-friendly, is Google Analytics. Use Google Analytics to track your blog’s performance. with Google Analytics you can monitor your progress in several important metrics for your blogging success.



Remain focused to make money from blogging in 2021 by applying the above steps and perfect them. Especially pay more than the usual attention to SEO and blog promotion in 2021 and beyond. We can only improve and establish our authority over time, so continue to provide value while being consistent and remember to blog with passion.

Hardwork pays!

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